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Be prepared with the following
important and up to date
information written on a paper:

  • Your Contact Information:
    *Current and up to date
  • Your Education & Extra Training:
    * Dates and Details
  • Your Past Employment List:
    * Accurate Dates
    * Detailed Job Descriptions
    * Supervisor's Name & Phone Number
  • References:
    Names & Contact Information


First Impressions
"Make an Impression"

Employers can not discriminate based on age, race, color, or religion--however, the human resource person can make automatic assumptions dependant upon your appearance and this can dictate whether the application is passed on for employment consideration.

Job Hunt Alone
"Don't Bring Friends"

Possible employers look at social dependence as a weakness with questions such as; Does the employee have transportation, Is the employee going to miss work due to social activities? Don't bring children. Prospective employers definitely begin wondering; Do you have childcare?, Are you going to miss work weekly due to sick children?, and basically children can create havoc in an office space which makes the attention center less on the prospective employment and more on parental skills.

"Be Neat and Clean"

As a prospective employee you will be scrutinized on your appearance. Don't overdo make up or jewelry. Don't have open midriffs or baggy pants showing underwear. Clothes need to be neat and no obscene or crude markings. Nails and hands should be clean.

"Many jobs have been decided on a polite, Thank You"

Manners are very important. You need to be pleasant, soft spoken and utilize as many of your manners as possible. If a call back is needed, be very attentive to your phone manners. Even if you are denied initial employment, remember, this person could be responsible for future employment opportunities.


  • Employee Placement
  • Short Term and Long Term Staffing
  • Complete Spanish Language Services
  • Worker's Compensation
  • On Site Payroll Service
  • On Site Safety Programs
  • On Site Training Programs

Community Resources Available

Brigette's Staffing, Inc. offers the
convenience of applying one time
to be considered for various jobs.

ESC Employment Security Commission
offers job finding services
(minimum of 3 per day)

Local Classifieds in newspapers
show Help Wanted ads.


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